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Assam- Does a filthy drain near a hospital reflect Guwahati’s health scenario?

Guwahati, one of the fastest developing cities in the Northeast Indian region has had a hoard of achievements to its credit. From becoming a part of the 1st state in the country to ratify the GST bill to housing a ...Read More

Manipur: How will Manipur cope up with Internet ban in the wake of ‘Cashless Economy’?

Manipur, once known as the Jewel of India has now turned into a battlefield where no one wins but only the common masses lose. Mobile internet services were temporarily banned in West Imphal on December 18 in Manipur after weeks of unrest ...Read More

Manipur: Is Mary Kom lagging behind as an MP or are we expecting too much from a fighter?

As I look into the state of affairs in my home state Manipur, I often wonder why, despite the existence of influential and iconic people, the plight of my state is pathetic and cries for attention and that too a ...Read More

Assam goes the Chinese way; adopts strict population control policy!

Demonetization to now maybe Population control! The BJP led government in Assam is mooting to bring legislation in place on population control in the state where giving birth to more than two kids will entail punishment of losing a government ...Read More

Animal Rights In India That Everyone Should know!

There are many provisions in India when it comes to protecting animals. Although many people still remain unaware of the laws that already exist that have been passed to safeguard animals in our country. For example, did you know that ...Read More

APSC scam ripples on Meghalaya, 5 year ban on backdoor applicants

Assam Public Service Commission(APSC) has been on the spotlight clearing the next wave of leadership but will the bandwagon continue on the elimination of bad apples who have tarnished the reputation. Like nine pins the top rung from Rakesh Paul ...Read More

National anthem in cinema halls: Case of judicial overreach– By Patricia Mukhim

The Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday directing all cinema halls to play the national anthem at the start of a movie and to close all exits while the anthem is sung reeks of judicial arbitrariness. The ruling comes in the ...Read More

Meghalaya: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

SHILLONG: In these 44 years, a serious introspection into the developmental aspect of the state of Meghalaya is required in order to plan a road-map for the future. But sad to see that not much has changed since Meghalaya attained ...Read More

Arunachal Pradesh: Demonetization leaves commoners Demonized in Arunachal!

Normal life of the common people across India has been paralysed due to demonetisation, which given its effect till today, sounds like ‘demon’-etisation. When our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, came live on a private television to announce demonetisation, ...Read More

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