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Kangaroo courts in the 21st century

By Patricia Mukhim A man alleged to have raped a Naga woman was lynched by a mob in Dimapur and his naked picture circulated via WhatsApp. This is gruesome and shocking since the rape is ‘alleged’ to have been committed ...Read More

Traffic lights: Shillong’s sad love story

The city of Shillong never lagged behind when it comes to technological advancement but the sad part of it is its ‘momentary nature’. The government aimed at taking this hilly region to whole new levels with the introduction of automated ...Read More

The chord between Manipur and Japan

In the year 2009, a young man with big dreams took up challenges with the goal of bringing change to the film industry in Manipur and hence came up with his brainchild, Legend Studio. Since its inception, Legend Studio has ...Read More

Mizoram: The ‘fiery’ Lanka of India

India, what do you think of Mizoram? Do you – the India – think that Mizoram is a dumping place for Governors like former Governor K Sankaranarayanan of Maharastra who ran away due to his fear of landing on Mizoram, ...Read More

Disappearing trend of reading among kids

Seeking the warmth of the sun on a winter day, lying on lofty carpet of greens, eyes fixed on sentences that gradually turns into a story. A story which gets even more interesting every time the pages are flipped and ...Read More

Loss of accountability in Journalism

By Monalisa Changkija For people of my generation, we got into journalism because it was not merely a profession or a career move- it stood for the very essence of the best of human values and ideals such as freedom, ...Read More

Unravelling the face of Racism in India

The Indian pride of being able to stand united despite having many cultural differences within the nation has proved to be quite untrue as North-Easterners have been victimized consistently in several parts of the nation. This year things have gone ...Read More

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