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Cyber crime on the rise in the NE

Patricia Mukhim What do young people and some among the middle-aged who are hooked to their smart phones do all day, we may wonder. Well, a brief questionnaire sent by this writer to a few respondents reveal the kind of ...Read More

Unsteadily Walking in Strong Faith. Notes from the Procession

High heels
By Pauline M The last time I participated in the annual Eucharistic Procession that the Laitumkhrah Cathedral hosts was about 25 years ago. I was still in school and remember spending the morning of the big day carefully ironing my ...Read More

Will the Bihar debacle change the political course of BJP in Assam?

BJP support
Syeda Ambia Zahan Assam is one of the four states that is going poll early next year. After the Bihar debacle all eyes set on the only Congress dominated state among the other four, i.e. Kerala, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh ...Read More

Forget beef ban, the need is #Leopardban!

It's a reversal of roles in the man-animal conflict. People at Baputigarh Murari village of Dibrugarh- Demow border just a couple of days back killed a leopard and consumed it. Villagers at Koibartagaon in Assam's Sivasagar district were also in ...Read More

What provoked the crowd to act violently?

SHILLONG: Everybody was excepting a peaceful rally simply because the crowd was led by the torch bearers of discipline and societal law and order, the ‘Rangbah Shnong’. However, the rally turned violent. Thanks to maybe 10-20 unruly people out of ...Read More

Lost Souls – Halloween Overshadows All Souls’ Day.

All Souls Day
Pauline M November 1. I scroll down my homepage on Facebook. Halloween pictures of people on my friends list…of them, their children, their friends, their neighbours, even their pets fill the page. I look at the names and mentally tick ...Read More

Good Girls Do Not Drink In India?

Indira Laisram A teenage girl walks out of a bar; she is molested and beaten up by some 20 men. Her crime: she was at a bar. A passerby records and uploads the video, the images of which are horrific. ...Read More

My First Racist Experience

Indira Laisram My friend’s 16-year-old daughter asks me, “What does chinky mean?” Not a great idea to be Facebook friends with children who also become witness to ‘auntie’s’ rant and antics on the social network. The question was a surprisingly ...Read More

Northeast India- A Perspective

Nitin A. Gokhale ​As I begin this new association with TNT- The Northeast Today, I can’t help but recall a conversation I had many moons ago with a friend from college. Meeting as we were after two decades, there much ...Read More

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