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Exclusive interview with the initiators of CollegeDoor, an Assam based start-up

The aftermath of result declaration is often followed by a hullabaloo among the student community running from college door-to-door for admissions. Often, it becomes difficult for the students to gain access to various colleges that are located out of the ...Read More

The Business of Wildlife

By Balawan Joshua Mawrie Nature has given a bountiful number of gifts to us and one of them is in the form of wildlife. For many years magnificent beasts have roamed the earth's oceans and land and yet at the ...Read More

Up close and personal with the two national-level victorious mountain bikers from Shillong

In the present era when a number of youths have become a victim of substance abuse, drug addiction and inflicted with suicidal tendencies, these two youths have proved that young energy, if channelized in the right direction can work wonders. ...Read More

Religion never a basis for discrimination in Shillong

Amid all the din about the UPSC results announced recently, a story that was drowned out was that of Ansar Shaikh, who had to change his surname to a Hindu one to rent a flat in Pune. It is unfortunate ...Read More

The tale of unsung heroines: overcoming board exams despite being visually challenged

Away from the limelight amidst the busy chaotic world lies a haven for those sections of society who are often left ignored and rejected by the mainstream world. However, it is often this minority group of people who prove to ...Read More

Is the living-root-bridge on the verge of death?

Far from the madding crowd, away from the mental chaos is a place called Nongriat in Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. One of the few places, probably in the world, that offers a perfect balance of serene atmosphere, natural ...Read More

On to Peace of Mizoram

Mizoram was beyond the reach of Indian Civilization till it was annexed to British India in 1895. Even on the eve of Indian Independence, the people had a strong apprehension of assimilation and exploitation by the majority communities. The MNF ...Read More

Women taxis: the need of the hour?

2011 was the year, third was the month and eight was the date! March, 8, 2011- the day when the world celebrates International Women's Day. This was the day when Meghalaya became the first Northeastern State in India to get ...Read More

Know better about the ‘No Detention Policy’ and why it should not be implemented

As per the No Detention Policy, no student up to class VIII can be failed or expelled from school. All the students up till Class VIII will automatically be promoted to next class. The policy was introduced under Continuous and ...Read More

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