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On being an Indian Gorkhali or a Nepali in Northeast India- the identity crisis continues!

Often as I walk down the memory lanes to recall the advent of Nepalese in India, it irks me to know how I am still referred to as being a Nepali from Nepal rather than being a Nepali speaking Gorkha ...Read More

History in Tripura : Writing, Rewriting and Distorting!

By Tapas Dey April 20, 2017:  It is an axiom that history is a perennially embattled arena with people harbouring contradictory and conflicting prognostications always trying to rewrite, twist and conveniently rewriting it. This holds specially good for totalitarian ideologies ...Read More

BEEF POSITIVE: A 5-point guide for Northeast India on embracing the ‘Holy Cow’!

Shillong, April 17, 2017: Ever heard of the adage, “Serving Politics on your Platter”? No? Okay, that’s because I just made it up, but hey, I’ll tell you why. As BJP continues to conquer the nation with their Lotus in ...Read More

Dear Prime Minister, it seems ‘Vigilantism’ has become a popular methodology in India!

The recent turns of event in the country which some feels is suppresses the rights of the minority communities in India, many have come forward expressing their views on why Secular and free India is but a name, the true ...Read More

Bangladesh, CPI (M) and distortion of history– By Tapas Dey

April 14, 2017: History has always been a controversial academic discipline subject to manipulation and political use. Nothing illustrates this better than the government of India’s project of sponsoring a comprehensive multi-volume history of the freedom movement titled ‘Towards Freedom’. ...Read More

Human Flesh Jacket- When Fashion crosses all limits!

You can now buy a 'human flesh' jacket... if that's the kind of thing you're into Throwing upon your attire a classy yet sassy jacket never fails to impress and this is exactly what I had been following for the ...Read More

Meghalaya: ‘To be or not to be’- NEIGRIHMS and the Centre’s apathy towards it!

Shillong, April 10, 2017: North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences (NEIGRIHMS) located in Meghalaya is one of the premier health institutes not only in the Northeast Indian region but across India. Once declared as a ...Read More

‘Satanic Worship’ in Northeast India- superstition or reality?

April 6, 2017: Devil or the Satan were entities who were once feared for their sins and looked down upon. However, times seem to have changed as youth seem to be more influenced by the devil's fetishes and the charm, ...Read More

Has the Brahmaputra lost its sheen: Cultures VS Saffronisation

Guwahati, April 6: Over the past few months the saffron party has been able to penetrate its mark in the Northeast. The BJP sets to strengthen their roots further through instances of pre-emtive visit of BJP president Amit Shah to Tripura ...Read More

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