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‘SAY ENOUGH’ to VIP Culture! Shillong Fire incident reflects people’s mindset during Emergency situations

SHILLONG, March 24: At a time when fire fighters are trying to prevent the inferno from engulfing the entire petrol pump at Nongrim Hills (till 8pm on Friday), the repercussion was worse – Say hello to Traffic nightmares. Traffic snarl ...Read More

For peace sake, Go back Tibetans! — By Halley Nongmaithem

This ‘Dalai Lama Strategy’ is the most ridiculous chest thumping foreign policy. India-China relationship sans conflict is important in this ‘Asian Century’. India can bargain her territory in Aksai Chin and Arunachal Pradesh in return. It is as simple as ...Read More

Do mobile towers really cause cancer? A question that still haunts many!

These days, frequent are the controversies due to “fake news” in diverse fields. Away from the limelight of these debates, a governmental campaign has been working to demolish misinformation and inadequate information in a vital area impacting Digital India, viz, ...Read More

The Dead and Dying Rivers of Meghalaya — Who are the culprits?

SHILLONG, March 20 2017: The world is talking about global warming and the predictable catastrophic outcomes which is likely going to transpire if this global problem is not resolved. Humans’ endless wants and the urgent need to strive ahead in ...Read More

Post mortem report of Manipur Assembly Election 2017

As the curtains fall for the anticipated Manipur Assembly Election 2017, lessons to be remembered and understood are aplenty. Modi’s BJP, Irom Sharmila and Ibobi Singh - the three protagonist and major takeaways. It wasn’t a mandate for the BJP ...Read More

When an ‘appeal’ becomes a ‘Fatwa’ by Mahmodul Hassan

Nahid Afreen is one of the most popular singers of Assam whose achievements are indeed appreciable. At the age of 16, her contribution to the society as a singer is wholly a triumph. For the first time, Nahid Afreen came ...Read More

Will BJP succeed in ridding Meghalaya & Mizoram off the Congress regime?

Three down, two more to go and the BJP would have finally achieved its goal of freeing Northeast India from the Congress regime, but will it manage to do so in congress dominated states like Meghalaya and Mizoram? Well only ...Read More

Manipur Polls 2017: BJP came with a ‘Bang’, but will it be able to form the Government?

 IMPHAL, March 11 2017: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to Northeast India with a Bang! First, they captured Assam, and then they are likely to form a collision government with allies NPP, NPF and another party be it LJP ...Read More

Like in Manipur, Can BJP afford to go alone in Christian dominated Meghalaya sans NPP?

SHILLONG, March 9 2017: With hardly a year left for the 2018 Assembly polls, election fever has started creeping in with speculations and predictions already doing their rounds with majority predicting the Congress's downfall and emergence of a collision government ...Read More

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