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NASA continues to unlock secrets of our solar system

WASHINGTON:  As we wait for Juno's first close-up images of Jupiter, NASA continues to explore our solar system to help answer fundamental questions about whether we are alone in the universe. "There are many uncharted, promising worlds and objects we ...Read More

Pak model Qandeel’s brother arrested, confesses to killing her

LAHORE: The brother of Pakistan's social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch has been arrested for drugging and strangulating to death the model for bringing "shame" to the family by posting risque videos and posts on Facebook, reigniting debate on a spate ...Read More

France terror attack: 84 killed as truck ploughs through crowd in Nice

A truck smashed into a crowd in the French resort of Nice, killing at least 84 people in what President Francois Hollande on Friday called a "terrorist" attack on revellers enjoying a Bastille Day fireworks display. The driver was shot dead ...Read More

Indian sends Donald Trump 6000 bags of green tea to cleanse himself

WASHINGTON: An Indian tea company has delivered a huge consignment containing 6,000 bags of famous Assam green tea to Donald Trump with a message to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee that it is never too late to "cleanse yourself." "Dear ...Read More

Pokemon Go: All you need to know about Planet Earth’s new craze!

Pokemon Go
If you’ve been on the internet — or, um, outside — lately, you may have noticed that a game called Pokémon Go is suddenly taking the world by storm. It may have you wondering, especially if you were born before ...Read More

WhatsApp without internet? Yes it’s possible!

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp messenger even without any internet connection on your smartphone? The trick is to use a sim which will connect you to your friends and relatives on WhatsApp without any internet connection. And ...Read More

This major Brazilian football star is on his way to India for Premier Futsal!

Guess so? Have a look here:

Research says giant earthquake in Bangladesh could jeopardise millions

DHAKA: According to the study published in the journal Nature Geoscience, it stated that earthquake is not imminent but inevitable as sections of the earth's crust press against one another. No estimate on when such a quake may occur is ...Read More

Aerosmith guitarist in critical condition

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