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VIDEO: Doodles Kalimpong comes up with their 1st release “JHILKAY”, a humorous song worth watching!

Here is the first video "JHILKAY", of Doodles Kalimpong by Mountain Pictures the video is about a boy from Kalimpong with his witty and humorous nature heading on impressing the beautiful girls all around the town. do watch and show ...Read More

Assam’s Priyadarshini Chatterjee unable to qualify after Miss World 2016 top 20; fans remain supportive!

MANILA- Fans of Priyadarshini Chatterjee on December 19 waited with bated breaths to view the live telecast of Miss World 2016 with all eyes on the Assamese beauty. But to their discontent, despite giving her best, Priyadarshini aas only able ...Read More

VIDEO Watch this beautiful Rendition of ‘Gerua’ by Shillong Chamber Choir ft. European Concert Orchestra

Video Courtesy: Shillong Chamber Choir Youtube Video

A Rs.2000 Note Got Sold For Rs.1 Lakh. Jackpot or plain coincidence?

GUWAHATI, Dec 17: A man from Shajapur, MP, hit a jackpot when he went to the ATM to get the new currency. To his amazement, he received a Rs 2,000 note ending with the number 786, a holy number according ...Read More

Assamese Singer enthralls Indian viewers with his romantic song

Tere Bin, a song by Pankaj Rajkhowa and Assam's very own Tom Borah is a romantic song that takes you through a simple love story — but not necessarily one with a happy ending. This video will take you through the beautiful moments ...Read More

An exclusive interview with ‘Khaar’, an Assamese rock band enthralling Bangalore

Making a flicker in the music locale of Northeast India,‘Khaar’ is a five piece indie rock band that hails from Assam. In Assamese, Khaar, a class of dishes made from unripe banana leaves,papaya and ends with a sour dish. And the ...Read More

Meet Feyago, the face of web series ‘Hip-Hop Homeland Northeast’!

Whenever we think of the Northeast, there are always two things that pop up; love for football and love for music. Although Shillong is known as the rock capital of India, there is also however a vibrant hip-hop scene which ...Read More

VIDEO! Khasi: The tribe that resides not only in Meghalaya!

Considering the richness and the identity of the Khasi community that are traced to be of the Mon Khmer ancestry, it has become a common understanding that the word Khasi is synonymous with Meghalaya. Yet, we forget that in the ...Read More

Meghalaya: More fun and carnival this season, national theatre festival to kick off in Tura

Tura, Dec 15: The National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi is all set to host a collection of plays that will be staged at the District Auditorium in the town of Tura from Saturday (December 17). The five day ...Read More

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