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Top five creepy serial killers of the world

# Manuel Blanco Romasanta was a Spanish serial killer accounted for 13 murders. He claimed to have been suffering from Lycanthropy (a form of madness involving the delusion of being an animal, usually a wolf, with correspondingly altered behavior, in ...Read More

Top five creepy serial killers of the world: Part 2

  # Robert Kulkinski A.K.A ‘The Iceman’ was an American hit-man for the Newark’s DeCavalcante crime family, convicted for 5 murders though claimed to have killed more than 200 people. This Jekyll and Hyde ensured that his family knew nothing ...Read More

Good news for Metallica fans

Guitarist of Metallica Kirk Hammett said in an interview that the band's new studio album, the follow up to 2008's "Death Magnetic," will "most likely" be released next year. Hammett said, "Well, you know, we're moving forward. We're hoping that the ...Read More

Is 2015 a ‘dark year’ for football?

As we all stay glued to the UEFA Champions League which will decide its winner in another month or so, the stage is set and the stakes are high, leaving this year’s most elite football tournament hanging in the balance. ...Read More

An exclusive interview with one of the top ten finalists of Channel V popstar2: Mrinmoyee Goswami

While the mainstream rock music world seems to have become the most happening thing, like it has been for many years, there is also always someone from the region who contributes vigorously on. Mrinmoyee Goswami of the Band Mo & the ...Read More

The curse of the number 27

Music is at its best when eminent musicians have an impact on the world at its highest acme. Yet there’s a flaw in a system which can never be answered by science or religion. The curse refers to the age ...Read More

The Christian progressive metal band that is enrapturing Mizoram

Bringing into the limelight- The Prophets are a Christian Progressive Metal band hailing from Aizawl, Mizoram. After winning many competitions, this band has triumphed to earn a good fan following with their alluring rhythm of music. The band was formed ...Read More

Bizarre deaths of Artist/Musicians in the music industry

# Bob Burns, the drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd crash his car into a mail box on April 3rd  2015 shortly after leaving his home. Died shortly after the incident.   # Agustin Briolini, the front man of the Argentinean band  a ...Read More

Upcoming albums In the last quarter of 2015

Artist name - Adele Album title -25 Releasing date - 20th November 2015 Label- XL Columbia Genre – Pop Singles released - Hello   Artist Name – Chris Brown Album Title- Royalty Releasing date- 27th November 2015 Label- RCA records ...Read More

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