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Time of the Writer: The Titanic – by Mayborn Lyngdoh R

“I’m sorry”. No befitting factor than to begin his tragedy with a note of apology. “Let’s fly to Jupiter under the sea of celestial beauty looking at us, all to ourselves”. “There is just you and me. The world is ...Read More

Northeast India has been Bollywood’s Favorite for long and here’s why!

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  The shooting of “Rangoon” did create wholesale buzz and ripples across the sections of Bollywood fans in the North-east of India. But, fact remains that, Bollywood had long chosen North-East to be the central locale of its story-telling. Many ...Read More

VIDEO: Watch this video that shows ‘Music knows no political enmities in Meghalaya’!

SHILLONG: The saying—‘Music Knows No Barriers. It Has A Language All Its Own’ fits in perfectly well with Meghalaya’s political scenario. Though the political leaders of the state are divided by of course, politics yet there is one thing which ...Read More

Northeast India’s very own Alobo Naga gets featured in Discovery Channel!

Nagaland, home to diverse indigenous tribes, with festivals and markets celebrating the different tribes’ culture the magnificence of its beauty and passion of its people, on #Gonortheast that was aired on December 31st at 10 PM on Discovery Channel. Varun, ...Read More

Meet the most Googled actress of 2016!

Two months ago, Meghan Markle was best known as one of the stars of Suits, the legal drama that's not Psych or Burn Notice or any of the other vaguely-titled USA network shows that sound exactly the same. That all ...Read More

DID YOU KNOW- The Nepali movie ’30Days Notebook’ was shot in 30 days with all actors below 30!

30Days Notebook’ a locally produced Nepali movie from Mirik, Darjeeling hills had its premiere done at Mirik on 23 December. The premiere show held at community hall of Mirik witnessed the huge crowd. Many actors of the hills and politicians ...Read More

10 young personalities from NE who made it big in the Film Industry in 2016

2016 was indeed a good year for the young and budding talents of Northeast India as many of them were given a chance to display their talents in the field of acting, directing and script writing. Actress and directors from ...Read More

Preity Zinta’s brother Nitin Chauhan commits suicide!

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta's cousin brother Nitin Chauhan committed suicide after he shot himself with a pistol in his vehicle on Friday, December 2. Nitin, who was 38 years old was reportedly was going through some marital trouble for quite ...Read More

WATCH- John Abraham tells us what his life would be like, if in Northeast India!

Actor John Abraham tells us what his life would be like if he was to live in the northeast region of India. The brand new ambassador to Arunachal Pradesh also spoke about his favourite local food and culture from the ...Read More

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