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Exclusive interview with Ruchinilo Kemp, who developed an app to help farmers

Meet Ruchinilo Kemp, an IIT Guwahati grad from Dimapur, Nagaland. Ruchi recently developed an app to help farmers in Udaipur, Rajasthan to meet the immediate problems they  face every season. There are a lot of problems faced by farmers including the ...Read More

Swedish pop group ABBA reunites after 30 years

The four members of ABBA performed alongside one another for the first time after more than 30 years in Stockholm. The performance was at an event at the Berns Salonger hotel which marks 50 years since the group’s founding members Björn Ulvaeus ...Read More

Exclusive interview with Sycamore, metal band from Mizoram

Four different souls namely Valpuia, Ruatdika, Zonuna, Fela - the vocalist, guitarist, bassist and the drummer respectively completes Sycamore, a metal band from Aizawl, Mizoram. The State is known for producing acclaiming bands over the years like IIIrd Sovereign, Magdalene, ...Read More

Khasi song ‘Kamai Ia Ka Hok’ to be used by International filmmaker

SHILLONG: Summersalt’s ‘Kamai ia ka Hok’ is all set to be used in a docu-fiction movie by a Bangladeshi filmmaker. ‘Kamai ia ka Hok’ the song that has gathered thousands of views on YouTube and written by Shillong’s folk-fusion band ...Read More

Exclusive interview with Khasi Folk artist – Lamphang Syiemlieh

Lamphang Syiemlieh is a Khasi Folk singer who has been praised for his powerful, melodious and mesmerising voice. He has been really active in social media uploading music video doing cover songs as well as original tracks. Lamphang has participated ...Read More

Shillong alternative psychedelic rock band – Sky Level music video

Sky Level is an alternative psychedelic math rock from Shillong. The band was formed in 2014 with an aim to deliver hard hitting original songs. According to the band's biography given on Facebook, the band has the, "Pure intention of playing ...Read More

Dedicated Northeast music channel ‘Se7ven’ likely to draw big audience

It's going to be 'Mic, lights, camera, action' on the northeastern states of India when media conglomerate Sri Adhikari Brothers Group introduces its northeast-oriented music channel Se7en next year. Excitement is definitely at its peak for some of the region's ...Read More

Toshimoa Jamir official music video – Just a smile

Toshimoa Jamir is a solo guitarist from Dimapur, Nagaland. Instrumental music like any other form of music is an art difficult to master however, Toshi has been able to execute it profoundly. With sheer determination, he is content to spread the beautiful ...Read More

Exclusive interview with Antarix, a multifaceted Hindi Rock band

Antarix is a multifaceted Hindi Rock band from Diphu, formed in the year 2015. They are the one who got the magic for mesmerizing people with their flawless vocals and alluring music. They believe that music cannot be survived without ...Read More

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