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Manipur-Rohan Laishram’s ‘Iron Ladies” wins the Best Film Award!

‘Iron Ladies’, a short documentary film by Roshan Laishram, based on the lives of the women of Manipur has successfully bagged the best film award in YES! I am the CHANGE in 2016. Through this documentary, filmmaker Roshan, a former ...Read More

Sikkim: Manju KC Chettri all set to work under Priyanka Chopra’s production house!

Sikkim's model and tele-actress Manju KC Chhetri gets an opportunity to work in Priyanka Chopra's Purple Pebble Pictures production regional Sikkimese-Nepali film Pauna - The Little Visitors Manju Chhetri who is a BBA aspirant has out scaled many stepping stones with her hardwork ...Read More

The Duchess of Cambridge has turned 35. Lets have a look on what makes her so special!

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  Catherine Middleton turns 35 today who set a precedent by becoming the first person to have a humble background and be inducted into the Royal family. But with time the Duchess has not only won over the hearts of ...Read More

VIDEO: Watch this special song dedicated by Anu Mallik to Kiren Rijiju!


Sikkim’s play “Romeo and Juliet” selected for Mysore Shakespeare Event.

Gangtok, Jan 6: In a short span of time, Sikkim Theatre Training center of the National School of Drama(NSD), Sikkim has taken giant leaps forward and also touched many lives by not only generating employment but also making artists out ...Read More

These films reveal the cultural and social dimensions of Northeast India like never before!

The visual basis of films give it an universal power of communication. With the passage of time, films become cultural artifacts getting shaped in time by specific cultures. They reflect the cultural attributions of a particular region in a specific time frame. Also ...Read More

Time of the Writer: The Titanic – by Mayborn Lyngdoh R

“I’m sorry”. No befitting factor than to begin his tragedy with a note of apology. “Let’s fly to Jupiter under the sea of celestial beauty looking at us, all to ourselves”. “There is just you and me. The world is ...Read More

Northeast India has been Bollywood’s Favorite for long and here’s why!

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  The shooting of “Rangoon” did create wholesale buzz and ripples across the sections of Bollywood fans in the North-east of India. But, fact remains that, Bollywood had long chosen North-East to be the central locale of its story-telling. Many ...Read More

VIDEO: Watch this video that shows ‘Music knows no political enmities in Meghalaya’!

SHILLONG: The saying—‘Music Knows No Barriers. It Has A Language All Its Own’ fits in perfectly well with Meghalaya’s political scenario. Though the political leaders of the state are divided by of course, politics yet there is one thing which ...Read More

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