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Traditional Mizo colorful puans on display

The original garment of the Mizos is known as puan. They were used by men and women more or less in the same fashion. One has to see them to believe the intricate traditional designs woven by the Mizo women, ...Read More

Rope bridge over Lohit river in Walong, Arunachal Pradesh

Photo Source: Instagram page- northeast_india Photo Credit: Instagram user- Ritu Saini (@color_odyssey)

Chance encounter with this little guy; taken at Kynshi Village, West Khasi Hills Meghalaya

Photo source and credit : Instagram user - nashu_bhai

Nature’s Reflection at Dhemaji Assam

Photo Source: Instagram page - northeast_india Photo Credit : Instagram user- Rajib Nath

Serene breathtaking Madhuri lake, Arunachal Pradesh

A wonder of nature, a breathtaking lake, a lake mystery. Often known as Madhuri lake, this mystery lake, actually pronounced as Sho-Nga=Tseir by locals, was originally pasturage of Shok-Tsen village turned into a lake due to an Earthquake in 1971. The first ...Read More

Perfectly timed click of the Green Bee Eater

Photo Source : Photography Society Of Tripura (Official) Facebook page Photo Credit: Rahul Nath‎

Lit up Rilbong Puja Mandap during the festivity, Shillong

Photo source : F/ Stop Facebook page Photo credit : John S Kharphuli

Gateway to Northeast India, view from Kamakhya view point, Assam

Photo source and credit: Chinmoy Paul ( Facebook page)

A little child in Naga warrior attire embracing the rich culture and traditions

Photo source and credit: Instagram page - wethenagas

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