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The End is near say sources as AIDMK MLA’s in a huddle to choose a successor for Jayalalitha

News confirming That the health  of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha is very critical has been made by the Apollo Hospital With most Health officials stating that her end is close the AIDMK MLA's have started the process of choosing the ...Read More

Demonetised effect ? 50 Chartered planes for Nitin Gadkari daughters wedding,10,000 guests invited

With the nation reeling with money liquidity and demonitisation and the Prime Minister emotional appeal to fight against corruption and lavish expenditure ,it seems that the only people who are not following his orders is his own partymen and cabinet ...Read More

National anthem in cinema halls: Case of judicial overreach– By Patricia Mukhim

The Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday directing all cinema halls to play the national anthem at the start of a movie and to close all exits while the anthem is sung reeks of judicial arbitrariness. The ruling comes in the ...Read More

5 Reasons why Northeast India sits on an AIDS time bomb

Northeast is concentrated among one of the most vulnerable populations at high risk for HIV. The concentrated epidemics are driven by unprotected sex between sex workers and their clients and by injecting drug use with contaminated injecting equipment. Several of ...Read More

Rijiju denies smuggling of fake currency post demonetization amidst contradicting reports!

Fake Indian currency notes (FICN) worth around Rs 400 crore are in circulation in the country at any given point of time and smuggling of such notes from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal has completely stopped after the demonetization announcement, Union ...Read More

Meghalaya: Demonetization leave Tir Counters in dilemma; sleepless nights for dream catchers!

While the demonetization effect has had its impact-positive and negative  in various sections and domains of a common man’s life-both personal and professional, there is this one sphere of business in Meghalaya that remains badly conjured due to curtailing of ...Read More

Northeast India unprepared to tackle Corruption; several ATM’s remain closed causing mayhem!

After the unexpected yet well intended move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to curb out black money from the economy by demonetizing Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, the nation however does not seem prepared for the makeover as despite ...Read More

Sikkim: This video won the competition on the theme ‘Lets Talk Trash’

This video won the competition on the theme 'Lets Talk Trash' organized by Rural Management Development Development, Government of Sikkim in collaboration with Zero Waste Himalaya Group and WWF, Sikkim. The video speaks about the Zero Waste Management. The competition ...Read More

News Update :Donald Trump is winning the US presidential elections if he wins Florida

Contrary to what elections pundits have predicted Donald Trump is now clearly doing a lot better than many expected . Donald Trump rhetoric on Mexicans and Muslims has resonated amongst christians and white Americans. The Florida result if Trump would ...Read More

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