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Assamese Singer enthralls Indian viewers with his romantic song

Tere Bin, a song by Pankaj Rajkhowa and Assam's very own Tom Borah is a romantic song that takes you through a simple love story — but not necessarily one with a happy ending. This video will take you through the beautiful moments ...Read More

VIDEO! Khasi: The tribe that resides not only in Meghalaya!

Considering the richness and the identity of the Khasi community that are traced to be of the Mon Khmer ancestry, it has become a common understanding that the word Khasi is synonymous with Meghalaya. Yet, we forget that in the ...Read More

BREAKING! RBI Governor Urjit Patel heckled outside Kolkata airport.

Video Courtesy: Times Now

VIDEO- This Hip-Hop Anthem for the Northeast will make you proud of who you are!

Video Courtesy: 101 India Youtube video

Did you know where the world gets 60 per cent of its Christmas trinkets from?

In China, it's crunch time in 'Santa's workshop' In the Chinese manufacturing hub of Yiwu, workers cut and twist long ropes of fake "branches" into simulated pines destined for homes and public holiday displays. Yiwu has been estimated to be ...Read More

Congress attacks Kiren Rijiju in Rajya Sabha; Session adjourned until tomorrow!

#Congress attacks Kiren Rijiju in Rajya Sabha — NewsX (@NewsX) December 14, 2016 Video Courtesy: NewsX twitter handle

VIDEO- Watch the unexplained mystery in the video which is sure to give you goosebumps!

2015 was the year when an unexplained death of a girl named Elisa Lam rocked social media and went viral with video footage of weird and unexplained encounters of her right before her death. Downtown Los Angeles’ Cecil Hotel has ...Read More

VIDEO- This is why you miss Arnab Goswami’s shouting which worked every single time!

Video Courtesy- kittyzenkane Youtube page

Video: Watch with bated breaths the arrival of Hip-Hop in Northeast India soon!


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