Brilliant Inventions That Impressed Us In 2015

Brilliant Inventions That Impressed Us In 2015

Here are eight of the most brilliant and fun inventions of 2015:

1. Furniture you can charge your smartphone on

lampIKEA has launched a series of furniture and accessories that can serve as real wireless charging stations for smartphones and other devices.

2. Glowing headphones

earphonesThe Glow Laser headphones glow in the dark, detecting the rhythm of the music you’re listening to, and can also measure your heartbeat. This is a very useful thing for those addicted to evening and night-time jogging — the headphones will make you more visible to cyclists and drivers.

3. The Easy Plug

plugSeungwoo Kim’s idea is meant to reduce the danger of using electrical appliances. This ergonomic plug, which is hollow in the middle, will remind you that it can be removed from the socket by glowing blue. It can also be used as a lamp.

4. The Moonlight Lamp

moonFor those desiring to make their house a bit more romantic and mysterious, some inventive designers created these unusual lamps that look like the Moon.

5. Lamps made out of old bottles

bottlesThis LED Bottle Cork can help you turn old empty bottles into useful desk lamps. A cork-shaped accessory is made with an LED and integral battery charged from a USB. The gadget is waterproof, so it can be used outdoors.

6. Changeable shoes

heelsSpecial designed for female drivers, Sheilas’ Wheels are like no other pair of shoes: the heels can not only be reduced in size, but can also be removed completely, turning them into comfortable ballet flats.

7. Bed sheets which you can draw on

bedsheetThe Doodle Bed Sheets by Stitch are a simple invention really — they’re just a set of white cloth which come with some coloured markers. The ink used in the markers is designed to allow you to get perfectly white sheets after you put them through the laundry.

8. Mountain Top Glasses

glassA group of glass-blowers from Oregon decided to preserve their local landmark forever in a beer glass — the 3,450-meters-high Mount Hood. A really simple idea which is just so impressive!

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