Breakdown between Opposition and the Government

SHILLONG: An uproar between the opposition and the government is the centre of focus as the centre looks for yet another massive move back to back following demonetisation.

The contention between the opposition and the government was on the basis of whether turning the GST bill into a money bill could possible derail Indian overall GDP into taking a massive plunge in the coming year.

It is irrational in the wake of demonetisation that another move should also be enforced. It would require a minimum of six months to get proper circulation of the new currency to all parts of the country. Apart from that, it should also be mentioned that due to less printing of the new currency it offers an even grim picture.

West Bengal finance minister, Amit Mitra recently mentioned that such a move would not only be harmful to India’s GDP as a whole but also affect daily life of the general public and he urges on the urgency to reconsider such a move which could potentially become disastrous.

(TNT News)

(featured image Source: Internet/ Representational) 

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