‘Behind it and it’s ………’– By Ranjeet Yengkhom

‘Behind it and it’s ………’– By  Ranjeet Yengkhom


 ‘Behind it and it’s ………’


Noisy like avalanche, thundering in high range

Where the cities and country sides

For welcome, on the eve of Happy Diwali,

Even the children of twelve to sixty

Gathering there, they caught fire

And used crackers for taking pleasure,

In free flying in open air;

Smoke and its ashes dying atmosphere for few minutes,

Lots of getting pleasures for give and take

 Gifts to each other the day,

The places where the Hindu and its caste

But there is something behind this New Year,

Beside of it, I, too mourn for the sake of

The next climatic disaster.

By Ranjeet Yengkhom. (Gujarat)


Picture Courtesy: Piroshki-Photography



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