Awesome Assam advertisement busted! MD of Assam Tourism left off the hook

Awesome Assam advertisement busted! MD of Assam Tourism left off the hook

In the most surprising move by the Directorate of Tourism Anurag Singh was transferred as MD of ATDC (Assam Tourism) to the Forest and Environment Department over the controversial advertisement campaign which has drew criticism from all fronts but there are questions to ask Where has been the money allocated for the dream project? Who was given the logo design? Why need to transfer to cover up an issue as the photo-shoot for ‘Awesome Assam’ with Priyanka Chopra will start this April.

Answers are few but before brand ambassador Priyanka Chopra steps foot to launch the campaign full steam, it is important for the state government to look into the aspect of the local populace and their aspirations for a better promotion to make not only Assam vibrant but the much neglected Northeast as the most important part of India.

Tourism in Assam has been taking the backseat for the last few days because of the much hype over the ‘Awesome Assam’ advertisement which drew much flak from all sides. Rewind back last year the BJP-led government in Assam adopted a new logo for its tourism campaign with minister in-charge of tourism and finance Himanta Biswa Sarma announcing Rs 15 crore publicity budget roping in FBI special agent Priyanka Chopra as its brand ambassador for the next four years.

Awesome Assam came in with a punchline logo depicting the one-horned rhino, world famous Assam tea and the mighty Brahmaputra on one canvas with strongman Sarma saying that the state is being served in one platter because of the ‘real mix’ of destinations for all categories of tourists.

It is sad to look at the very beginning of the project with systematic failures in the logo designing which has just allowed the 15 crore expenditure going down the drain. Designing any particular ad campaign or for instance a website all the bases should be covered looking into the aspects of theme, connection with the particular space, message to convey to the general masses, it seems they are all neglected.

Tourism departments are just running a free hand in what can be termed as a ‘publicity stunt’ instead the state government should have concentrated into pooling more funds into the conservation of the one horned rhinoceros who would one day see itself vanish from the face of the earth.

The advertisement which has gone on air which has a picture of the ‘Quantico girl’ Priyanka and a rhino in the backdrop with a tagline ‘Naturally wild, kyunki yeh Assam hai’ has baffled many suspecting over fishy portrayal of Assam which many foreign or national tourist comes and drop into the state of Assam might have to just turn back with the shoddy display of work.

Official stance from the State tourism department’s  was very much laxed stating  that promoting the wilderness and jungles of the State did not mean that other aspects of Assam tourism won’t be highlighted in the days to come. Axe or the maybe Wild Stone brands of spray have been left ashamed with such poor creative work.

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