Assam: Unique search engine invented to predict diseases!

Assam: Unique search engine invented to predict diseases!

GUWAHATI, MARCH 17 2017: A unique search engine, which will use the medical records of hundreds of people to predict diseases likely to affect certain pockets of the state, is being developed by Piramal Swasthya, a non-profit organization.

Piramal Swasthya, which has been working in Assam as a strategic partner of the National Health Mission, has collected an enormous amount of data as a result of its work here.

The group has converted this valuable data into electronic medical records (EMR) and will now use this to design its search engine.

Vishal Phanse, CEO of Piramal Swasthya, told a media person that this engine would be unique to Assam. The designers of this technology would assign an Aadhaar-like Unique Identity Number to the EMR while designing the engine, he added.

“Since Aadhaar is not in place in Assam, we will come up with an alternative mechanism. The technology will work on cases that have been reported from high priority districts,” Phanse explained.

The technology is currently in the design phase.

“The highest level of analytics that we hope to achieve is that in which we can predict the patterns of disease afflicting certain districts. The technology is in the process of development and we will launch it quite soon. The state government will obviously be a part of it,” he added.

Incidentally, a similar Japanese Encephalitis (JE) warning system, which could predict the intensity of an outbreak, had been developed few years ago by scientists at the Regional Medical Research Centre in collaboration with the North East Space Application Research Centre. However, it did not generate much interest from officials of the state health department.

“We are not apprehensive about lack of response. We have full support of the state government,” Phanse said.

Once the search engine is launched, it will help health officials combat disease by allowing them to take preventive measures.

Source: The Times Of India



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