Assam: 3 haunted schools scare students as Spooky tales come in action!

Assam: 3 haunted schools scare students as Spooky tales come in action!

GUWAHATI, APRIL 19 2017: Spooks obsessed with books are scaring the ghosts out of students in southern Assam’s Cachar district.

The administrative bodies of 3 schools, located in the same compound, have engaged a team of maulvis to exorcise ghosts that apparently fancy flipping books and haunting students. These schools are Swadhin Bazar High School, Abid Raza Middle English School, and Swadhin Bazar LP School – all catering to local Muslim children.

The school authorities had on April 11 noticed “unseen forces” shifting stationery items and browsing through books. They also saw mass hysteria gripping the students, many of them girls.

“The students would suddenly start shouting before falling unconscious one after the other. Panic slowly set in among the children and they stopped coming. Their parents are preventing them from coming to the schools,” the headmaster of one the schools, who did not want to be named, said.

School authorities held a meeting with some of the parents and they agreed to seek the services of some ghost-busting clerics.

Maulana Mufti Afazuddin Laskar, claiming to be an exorcist, said the students recovered after he sprinkled water with “healing powers” on them.

 “I went to the schools on Monday and saw some students lying unconscious on the benches. They could not say what made them behave strangely, but we think they were possessed by ghosts,” Laskar, also an assistant teacher of Swadhin Bazar Islamia Madrasa, said.

The students, he added, did not remember anything after the miracle water he used helped them recover.

“We performed Milad (Islamic ritual) on the compound. As a result, there was no eerie incident today (Tuesday),” Laskar said.

Iqbal Hussain Barbhuiya, president of the schools’ management committee, said 90% of the 1,000 students of the 3 schools turned up on Tuesday despite the exorcism.

“What happened in the past few days was inexplicable. We understand they are too scared to come after such strange incidents. But we are worried that most of the parents are not convinced that the schools are no longer haunted and want to take their children elsewhere,” Barbhuiya said.

He said he has sought the help of the district administration to hold a meeting with the parents on Wednesday.

Source: hindustan times



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