Assam: Petition by Silchar MP for tax free sanitary napkins gets good response!

Assam: Petition by Silchar MP for tax free sanitary napkins gets good response!

GUWAHATI, March 19: Silchar MP Sushmita Devi is on a mission, a mission to propagate proper hygiene among the womenfolk in India, irrespective of class. Her online petition to make sanitary napkins tax-free has received great response. The petition which began started after International Women’s Day, has received around 90,000 signatures so far.


Sushmita had written to Union finance minister Arun Jaitley in this regard but did not get a reply. This prompted her to launch a nationwide petition.

She said in the petition if condoms and contraceptives could be made tax-free, so should sanitary napkins. “I decided to start this petition after I didn’t get any response from the finance minister. He shouldn’t think I’m doing this for political mileage,” she added. According to a study titled ‘Sanitary Protection: Every Woman’s Health Right’, around 70% women in India could not afford to buy sanitary napkins. The report also says only 12% of the country’s 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins.

“This move will impact millions of girls and women. It will make sanitary napkins cheaper for middle-class families and make them affordable for low-income families for the first time. Girls and women face a lot of stigma and embarrassment for menstruation,” the MP wrote in the petition.

Be a part of revolution to enable affordable health and hygiene for women across the nation by signing the petition here: Petition to Arun Jaitley for removal of tax on sanitary napkins

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