Assam: Karbis hold naked march in Diphu demanding safeguard of constitutional rights!

Assam: Karbis hold naked march in Diphu demanding safeguard of constitutional rights!

Diphu, April 21, 2017: On the afternoon of April 21, Diphu- the headquarter of East Karbi Anglong district in Assam was taken aback as a large crowd of Karbi males went naked to protest for the safeguard of their constitutional rights.

As per a release, 24 organizations decided to hold a nude demonstration due to the following reasons as quoted in the release:

” The Act and rules for the conduct of Council Elections have not yet been made and the obsolete and defective rules of 1951 are still used by the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council as well as the state government…” the release also went on to state that the scheduled tribes who were earlier covered with a protective law are now politically naked hence arising the need for a naked demonstration.

The original text of the release may be found below:


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As per reports, the act was a response to the ill treatment meted out by the government of Assam towards Karbi Anglong. It may be mentioned that the Government of India through the enactment of Assam Reorganization (Meghalaya) Act 1969, section 3 (2) gave an option to the district councils of North Cachar Hill and Mikir hills (noe known as Karbi Anglong) to join the state of Meghalaya but Karbi Anglong was later merged with Assam.

The release was quoted as saying, “The Assam state Government is continually making Karbi Anglong (except few leaders) realize that the decision to remain in Assam was a mistake”. The also stood against the new electoral roll allowing the non tribals to contest in the sixth schedule areas.

The protest was held to focus attention towards certain points:

– To mantain the autonomy of Karbi Anglong as well as to mantain the sovereignty as well as the identity of the Karbi tribe
-To not allow land laws to supersede the land rules of Karbi Anglong
– To develop and push forward the Tribal Language instead of making Assamese subject compulsary till Class 10
– To voice against the ‘Two child government job policy’
– To mantain the implementation of the Sixth Schedule to general areas and not to subjugate them


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