Assam: Fake demonetized notes busted at Dhubri

Assam: Fake demonetized notes busted at Dhubri

GUWAHATI: The woes of demonetization seems unending and pumping cash through various channels to get their money worth is what the main idea for some might be.

Counterfeit demonetised notes with face value of around Rs. 2.86 lakh were seized at the time of depositing at Dhubri state bank bazaar branch from one man.

According to sources, a person named Nur Alom came to deposit Rs. 2.86 lakh of five hundred of old currency denominations.

At the time of depositing, the bank official personnel checked and found the currency notes to be fake.

The bank officials immediately alerted the local police.

The police personnel apprehended the culprit Nur Alom for further interrogation.

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