Assam faces massive threat from IS terror group as seen through recent Bangladesh massacre!

Assam faces massive threat from IS terror group as seen through recent Bangladesh massacre!

As recent news reports emerge of many ‘Wanted’ criminals from Bangladesh infiltrating into Assam with fake visas and passports, the lax security of the state as well as the highly porous Indo-Bangladesh border becomes a major cause of concern as it poses a great threat to the national security of India.

Amidst all this, a recent report by the Reuters says that new evidence shows deep Islamic State role in Bangladesh massacre. It was reported that before Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury orchestrated Bangladesh’s worst militant attack, he sought and won approval for it from Islamic State that clearly shows a close bound nexus between the internal insurgent groups and the international terror group thus giving rise to the massacre on July 1, where a group of gunmen stormed the Holey Artisan café in the city’s Gulshan neighbourhood, murdering 22 people, most of them foreigners, in an overnight siege that shocked the country.

Together with attempts by people linked to Islamic State to recruit and fund militancy in the country, the documents show the extremist organisation has built deeper connections with Bangladeshi militants than was previously known.

As evident from a December 2015 report in the Indian Express, Assam police is keeping a close watch on extremist militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which has generated a lot of interest in the state going by the “hits in the internet photos of ISIS”, state DGP Khagen Sarma confessed. The hits in the internet photos of ISIS is very high in Assam.

Recent media reports quoting the findings of a national survey by an intelligence agency showed the second largest volume of internet traffic related to ISIS was from Assam after Jammu and Kashmir.

Amidst all these evidences, it will not be wrong to say that Assam is a vulnerable target for IS terror groups as they seem to be creating a deep impact in the minds of youth. Call it curiosity of the youth or even good publicity by the IS, the impact has been made. And, given the fact that we have not yet been able to contain mass illegal infiltration from Bangladesh as well as the borders, the threat from IS to Assam is gradually reaching its peak.

Shweta Raj Kanwar 



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