Assam: Congress questions MLA’s secularism

Assam: Congress questions MLA’s secularism

Debabrata Saikia, the current Leader of Opposition in the Assam Legislative Assembly has condemned the decision of Dr. Mansingh Rongpi to resign from the Assam Legislative Assembly and the Indian National Congress Party.

As per a press statement, Saikia said, “The people of Baithanglaso LAC elected Mansingh Rongpi more than twice and I believe his re election in 2016 inspite of his promises of ‘parivartan’ of BJP was a proof that he was able to do good to his electorate as INC MLA”.

However, his decision to quit INC has put a serious question mark on his commitment to his electorate, his belief in the ideal of secularism and democratic values.

His meeting with BJP leaders before and after resignation proves that BJP believes in acquiring or retaining power by any means.

The release also mentioned that Saikia condemned the move of ruling BJP which, as per sources, was simultaneously threatening to stop the flow of development funds to LACs represented by opposition MLAs and offering personal benefits to them to switch sides.



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