Assam: Carbon-neutral Majuli now gets Bamboo toilets!

Assam: Carbon-neutral Majuli now gets Bamboo toilets!

GUWAHATI, March 19; Once a common sight in Assam, the indigenous bamboo toilet made a comeback in the carbon-neutral district of Majuli on Saturday.

Three such toilets, along with seven concrete ones, were inaugurated at Jengaimukh village on the island on Saturday.

Considered to be natural insulators, these toilets were built in collaboration with a socio-cultural organization, an international NGO, and a tea company as part of its corporate social responsibility.


Bamboo expert Hemjit Mahanta designed and built the three eco-friendly toilets at a fraction of the cost needed to build government-sponsored loos.

“Bamboo is a natural insulator. To construct one toilet, eight bamboos and two bags of cement are enough. A bamboo toilet costs Rs 9,000 whereas government-built toilets cost around Rs 12,000,” Mahanta said.

The toilets in Majuli have been facilitated by the Srimanta Foundation, an Assam-based socio cultural organization as part of its Parichhana Jibon Project, the Andrew Yule Tea Company and NGO Bureau of Integrated Rural Development.
“We want to promote bamboo as it is part of the social fabric of Assam,” said Dipankar Mahanta of the Srimanta Foundation. – Gaurav Das.
Source: Times of India
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