Assam: BJP dismantles participation of any fresh members in Assam!

Assam: BJP dismantles participation of any fresh members in Assam!

GUWAHATI, APRIL 16 2017: With BJP in Assam witnessing rush of joining of people from different political parties, the party has decided to check the same. The party has decided not to allow fresh joining unless cleared by the state unit president.

Recently BJP in Assam during a meeting has taken this decision. Dilip Saikia, Spokesperson of party told a media person, “We have taken the decision of not allowing fresh joining. Any joining if at all has to be cleared by the state unit president.”

A senior party leader who do not want to be quoted said that this step is taken to keep at bay those people who come to party in expectation of getting posts in government bodies and other benefits. “Since 2014 BJP has launched massive membership drive. Now we have sufficient membership base in Assam.”

The leader added there is resentment among section of grassroots workers for they are upset with new persons from different political party joining BJP and getting crucial posts. ““People from different political parties getting too much importance in BJP has been a constant source of concern for a section of dedicated party workers. They have raised this matter time and again.”

A section of party raised this matter when Union Home minister, Rajnath Singh visited Assam in December last year. Asking Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal to initiate structural and procedural reforms, Rajnath Singh asked chief minister, Sarbananda Sonowal to remain in touch with grass root workers for these workers have the feeling of the pulse of the people.

Rajnath observed, “I suggest the chief minister along with ministers and officers should do a panchayat for different trades once in a month where some problems can be solved instantly and government can remain in touch with people. I have used this method when I was Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.”

BJP which is winning all elections in Assam since 2014 is now preparing for the Panchayat polls. The party wants to keep the morale of workers high.

Assam health minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma said that party now has representation and penetration across different communities of Assam. “Like great saint Sankardev weaved greater Assamese society, BJP now has presence across different communities of Assam. Winning Dhemaji by polls was crucial and vital for us.”

Source: The Economic Times



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