Assam: Bihu celebration turns discriminatory for Zubeen; Fans condemn linguistic discrimination!

Assam: Bihu celebration turns discriminatory for Zubeen; Fans condemn linguistic discrimination!

Guwahati, April 15, 2017: Music sees no language or barriers and that is the theory we all have been abiding by with respect to this field. However, the organizers of Bihu in Noonmati, Guwahati in Assam seem to have a different take on music and language.

Controversy sparked on April 14 when renowned singer Zubeen Garg was halted in the middle of his performance in Noonmati while he was singing a hindi song. This later led to a commotion between the show organizers and Zubeen.

Zubeen was reportedly quoted as saying, “Why can’t I sing in Hindi or in English? Bihu is after all a musical festival?” He was firther quoted as saying, “I will sing whatever I want and you cannot dictate me. I have sung 16,000 songs in the last 25 years of my career, not you!”

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What fans say:

This incident drew a lot of media attention. Social media also went abuzz with the incident while people went on to condemn the incident.

Zublee, a facebook page was quoted as saying: 

“Music has no language & dats wat da entire universe agrees to, den why does some disgusting people keeps on annoying Zubeen Garg every Bihu. I think your thoughts & vision has got stuck somewhere midway, plz grow up & move on. Stop irritating artists every now & den. Our Assamese Culture has never taught us to disrespect other cultures/languages. Stop discriminating, don’t forget we all are Indians. Also first organise a ” Bihu Function ” entirely from your pocket, without collecting any funds from the Non- Assamese people & den claim to be an Assamese.

Its my request to my people, all actual Assamese People, plz wake up & raise your voices & don’t let some Hypocrites dictate, dominate & defame our culture in front of the world #isupportzubeengarg#stayawayhypocrites #wakeuppeople#speakupandstandup

Chandan Bordoloye‎  was quoted as saying, ” support Zubeen is a fact that..Assamese songs can be suggested to be performed in a Bihu function..but Zubeen Garg is a celebrity..and is at liberty to perform songs in any language…particularly his songs that earned him fame…and the way the authorities of Noonmati Bihu Sammilan stopped Zubeen Garg from performing can never be supported at any cost..such incident is quite unfortunate and I SUPPORTZUBEEN GARG…”

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