Assam: 2 Guwahati boys initiate to take urban art scenario to new heights!

Assam: 2 Guwahati boys initiate to take urban art scenario to new heights!

Graffiti has been gaining recognition from the art world more and more as a legitimate form of art. When most people consider of graffiti, they imagine paintings or a stylized writing of a person’s name. While paintings are probably the most popular forms, graffiti art is much more than that. It can mean a colourful mural with a message of diversity or a black and white stencil piece protesting something. In each case, graffiti art makes a statement.

Amalendu Kaushik and Chiranjit Bhowmick of Guwahati made their debut StreetArt Project named “inkZEN”, where they succeeded to pass positive message to the people by redefining the art of Graffiti on the streets of Guwahati recently. They unroll their fascinating dreams into reality behind Kamrup Academy Wall, MC Road, Guwahati Club. Amalendu and Chiranjit are students of NID and Guwahati College of Architecture.

Art is both audacious and ambiguous. We as design students and our passion for art tried to incorporate these and make art accessible to wide audiences beyond the conventional gallery space or a sheet of paper. We want to spread/improve URBAN ART/Street art and beautify our city (Guwahati). We wanted to give away free art to the public this NEW YEAR and we are glad that our responses are very positive so far.

Our theme open ended and merely simple. If we have to describe in words it’s about creation. Life is short, we should never stop imagining and creating stuffs. Basically inspiring other artist and creative peoples to do the same.” Amalendu Added.

By Ritu Raj Boruah



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