Arunachal Pradesh:Centre recommends presidents rule,Congress cries foul

Arunachal Pradesh:Centre recommends presidents rule,Congress cries foul

There are several sources which are coming after the cabinet meeting which was held recently that the state of Arunachal Pradesh is heading to a Presidents rule.The Cabinet has it seems recommended a president rule and is likely to sent the note to the President of India in dissolving the Assembly.

The Congress led Nabam Tuki government has been embroiled in a virtual coup with members of the party trying to defect to the BJP .The role of the Governor Rajkhowa in this entire episode has also come under the scanner with even the courts slamming the decision of the excellency to prepone the assembly .Also Watch Arunachal Pradesh :Unedited Video between Minister and Governor Rajkhowa showdown

The Congress party which has been trying to say that the BJP is playing Money politics from Delhi to stabilise a democratically elected government is now crying foul.The move is a sad day in democracy said the Northeast Congress Cordination committee said that if these reports are true then this move by the centre could not have happened anyway else in India.’Northeast is far away so it does not capture the immediate mind of the media ,could this have happened in any other state in the country,there would have been a furore’ .

This is the first time a democratically government has been dismissed and president rule imposed if it happens in the last two decades .



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