Arunachal Pradesh: ‘Digital India Day on Good Friday merely a co-incidence’, says BJP

Arunachal Pradesh: ‘Digital India Day on Good Friday merely a co-incidence’, says BJP

ITANAGAR, April 15, 2017: The BJP has said that the occurrence of Good Friday and Digital India Day on the same date this year is purely a coincidence. Contrary to the rumors being spread, there is no deliberate intention on the part of BJP Govt. to usurp the Good Friday as Digital India Day, said the BJP President Tapir Gao in a message.

I earnestly appeal to the Christian community of the state not to have any apprehension or misgiving on this issue, he said stating “it seems there is some apprehension among the Christian brothers and sisters of Arunachal Pradesh in connection with Good Friday and celebration of Birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar – Samrasta Divas- as Digital India Day on April 14 which coincided with Good Friday this year.

In a long statement, Gao wrote “I assure the Christian brothers and sisters that our party is a democratic and secular party where we respect and appreciate the religious sentiments and practices of all faiths. This democratic nature and secular character of BJP is reflected by the composition of our party members and workers who comes from different beliefs and faiths. Many of the senior state office bearers and senior leaders of BJP in Arunachal Pradesh come from Christian community. They are in fact the backbone of our party and they have been working very hard and sincerely for so many years for strengthening the party in Arunachal Pradesh. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that such responsible leaders hailing from Christian community will take or will be party to any decision or policy that is detrimental to the interest of Christian community of the State”.

He called on the Christians not to get swayed or disturbed by unfounded rumors and rest assured about their religious sentiments and practices under the BJP government. There has never been and there will never be any deliberate intention on the part BJP to hurt the religious sentiment of any section of the society, he added.

Source: Arunachal Times



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