An exclusive interview with ‘Triple 4’, hard rock band from Haflong in Assam!

An exclusive interview with ‘Triple 4’, hard rock band from Haflong in Assam!

Triple 4 is a hard rock band that hails from Haflong/Guwahati. Formed in the year 2015, this band initially started as a college band but later defeating all their obstacles managed to pull themselves as a local band as well. The band released its first demo title “Rebellion” in 2016.

Here is Triple 4 with TNT- The Northeast Today

TNT- Hello, how are you guys? Did you have to go through an array of shortlisted names before finally settling with the name ‘Triple 4.’?

Triple4: Hi, thank you for the interview. Nope! Triple4 is the alpha and omega for the last 1 decade

TNT- Who does the writings? And what difficulties do you face during writing a particular song?

Triple4: We contribute a lot of our lyrics altogether but officially Sam Tuolor & Tete Khobung verify  the contributions.

None! But politically we don’t want to interact much within it.

TNT- Are you self-taught musicians or have you taken formal lessons in music? What is more essential for a band’s success is it ‘innate talent’ or ‘learned skill’?

Triple4: Basically we all are self-taught but formally our lessons contributes a lot from the churches as well.Well! We can’t escape the word ‘innatetalent ’&‘learnedskill’, but the essential for a band’s success is Jam Hard(practice)(practice)(practice)&(practice) for the band to catch up with the things we aim for

TNT- Besides the band, what do you guys do as individual?

We still all are formal an informal students of our own

TNT- Any upcoming EPs, albums or announcement from the band?

Triple4: Luckily we have our own studio, so there we are currently recording our EP and hope to convert our EPs into an album.Watch out for our upcoming project! so please do follow us on our Facebook :

TNT- What is more gratifying to “Triple 4.”, money or recognition?

Triple4: Recognition is our first priority money comes later on

TNT- What is the band’s other passion apart from music?

Triple4: None! So Music is our first passion

TNT- What’s your take on the current music scene in the Northeast?

Triple4: NDH Battle of bands finalist, Currently shortlisted for “PHU LINGLANG” but unluckily the time collided …But as said earlier Recognition is our first priority money comes later on … We are honour that we are shortlisted for NIT Thunder March .

Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah forTNT-The Northeast Today



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