An Exclusive interview with the winners of Rockathon, ADTU: Pantocrator

An Exclusive interview with the winners of Rockathon, ADTU: Pantocrator

From the beautiful land of Meghalaya hails Pantocrator, a five piece Progressive metal band. Inspired by artists like Symphony X, Balance of Power, Polyphia, Intervals, Plini, and superlatively the local bands these band came into existence in the year 2014.

Recently they grabbed the winners title at Assam Down Town University – Rockathon. They believe that music has empyrean power to bridge each other in this world. Their music is stalwart towards social cause for bringing a positive change in the society.

Here is Manbha (Keyboardist) with TNT- The Northeast Today

TNT: Hello, tell us about the journey of the band from its inception till here.

Manbha: Hello TNT, thank you for having us. Our band’s journey started on the 17th April 2013 where we were formerly known as “Soul Revival”. We later renamed it to “Pantocrator” which comes from a Greek word meaning “Power of Christ as the centre of the universe”.

TNT: What was the reason behind choosing this genre?

Manbha:  Well, the main reason of choosing this genre lies in the words “Expression” and “Experimentation”, we wanted to express ourselves as well as experiment with various music and various tones from other genres. We are still developing our own style and techniques and composing new melodies.

TNT: Tell us about your experience at the ADTU Rock Battle.

Manbha: All I can say is that it was an amazing and energetic moment for us as a band. The competition was tough and it was hard as much as it was an honor to compete against the good bands from all over the region. The audience/crowd was amazing and very supportive. We thank God for taking us to the top. We are also grateful to the judges for deeming us fit to be the winners. We also bagged the “Best Guitarist” and “Best Drummer” titles which were ecstatic.

TNT: How hard were the struggle days? Ever thought of calling it a day?

Manbha: As a band we went through and are still going through a lot. I must say to achieve anything in life a lot of sacrifice has to be made, and that’s what we’re doing each time. It is doubly difficult for us since I stay in Shillong while the other members are in Jowai, so yeah you can guess that practice sessions are tough. Often we are bombarded with the temptation of calling it a day. As already stated, pursuing this calling demands a strong dedication and sacrifices. However our passionate love for what we are doing overwhelms all these difficulties. At the end of the day, it is all worth it.

The determination, the bond, the love for expressing and making music also prevents us from giving up and we hope that this energy continue to run through the whole team.

TNT: Work wise, what do you guys do?

Manbha: Well!  Osbert is an electrician graduating from ITI and also working part-time as a Sound Engineer. I’m a B.Com graduate and I’m thinking of pursuing my Master degree this year. I’ve had some part-time jobs as well, in and around Shillong. Enforce, Lewel and Lastborn are currently doing their Bachelor degrees.

TNT: Who have been the band’s biggest inspiration and role models?

Manbha: The band’s biggest inspiration are Circus Maximus, Pagan’s Mind, Dream Theater, August Burns Red, Teramaze, Dark Water, Symphony X, Balance of Power, Polyphia, Intervals, Plini, Rob Rock and many more.

TNT: What’s your take on the North East Rock scene at the moment?

Manbha: North East Rock scene at the moment is progressing and doing good, we observe the rise of more bands coming out and rising up with their own styles and techniques of playing. North East people are music lovers and it is a privilege to be able to entertain them with our music. We long to uplift and extend our fan base not only here but outside the states too. We’re hoping to see more of this and we also hope that there will emerge more gigs, concerts and platforms.

TNT: Thanks for being with us, we wish you good luck for your upcoming projects.

Manbha: Thanks Ritu, on behalf of Pantocrator I would like to convey our gratefulness and we are deeply humbled for endowing us this opportunity to be hosted by TNT-The Northeast Today. Thank you and God bless you all.

Lineup is as follows:

Osbert  L. Suting – Guitarist/Vocals

Enforce Lamin – Vocals

Manbha  Aidenz  Marpna – Keyboardist

Lastborn Dkhar – Bassist

Lewellyne Suting – Drummer

Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah forTNT-The Northeast Today

Photo credit: Jied Marbaniang



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