An exclusive interview with National Award winning Singer, Zubeen Garg from Assam!

An exclusive interview with National Award winning Singer, Zubeen Garg from Assam!

His songs have swept music lovers across the globe off their feet, his camaraderie with sargams has made him reach splendid heights of stardom, his musical journey is an inspiring example for many to follow – He is Zubeen Garg, the singing sensation from Northeast, who has been a popular name in Bollywood music industry since past two decades.

Garg who started his career working in Assamese movies and lent his voice to some Bollywood songs during his initial days of struggle, rose to prominence with the song “Ya Ali” from the movie Gangster in 2006 that made him an overnight sensation. With numerous super-hit musical numbers including Jane Kya Jane Mann (Pyar Ke Side Effects), Subah Subah (I See You), Yeh Kaisi Jagah (Humari Adhoori Kahani), Dil Tu Hi Bataa (Krishh 3) and a few others, he, over the years, has earned a huge fan-base, especially in Northeast. A possessor of diverse creative skills, Garg also worked as an actor and music director in several Assamese movies and few Bollywood ones, which makes him one of the most versatile artistes in the showbiz industry.

In an exclusive interview with TNT, the 44-year-old B-town singer spoke his heart out sharing experiences related to his career and personal life. Here are the excerpts:

TNT: How did you think to become a singer? OR, how did singing happen to you?

ZG – Well, I belong from a musical family and had a profound passion for music since my childhood. I started off with Assamese movies and entered into the Bollywood-zone later. And, the journey has been fantastic so far.

TNT: You have not been a part of many Bollywood projects lately. What is keeping you busy these days?

ZG – I am associated with various Assamese projects these days and having a kind-of break from the Bollywood scene. Let me complete my current projects first and then I will ponder over that.

TNT: You had recently raised an allegation that one of your songs “Pakhi Pakhi Ai Mon” has been copied in an Odia film and the duplicate version was sung by Udit Narayan. What will be your next move on the issue?

ZG – Yes, the song “Pakhi Pakhi” has been copied in an Odia film and that too without my knowledge. This is absolutely unacceptable. Had they approached me for permission, I would have perhaps agreed to that. But the way my song has been copied (without my consent), I am certainly going to take legal actions regarding the matter.

TNT: You have been in a lot of controversies like you had taken out a gun during your live performance at Khanapara, Guwahati in 2015, slapped one of your fans in 2013 and few others. Do you think those incidents have made an impact in your career?

ZG – Well, as far as taking out a gun during that live performance is concerned, I, by my act, wanted to give a message that Northeast does not need guns (violence) anymore. The media just focused on the gun and not on my speech. I did not try to intimidate the crowd or try any cheap publicity stunt, but the media, interpreted me wrongly and portrayed my image in a bad light.

TNT: Tell us something about the Assamese movie “You Are Not My Julie” in which you are playing the lead role.

ZG – Unfortunately, the project has been shelved. There has been some disagreement between the producer and director due to which the project is not likely to be completed. However, I am looking forward to come up with something on my own, and I hope it receives the expected response.

TNT: Who is/are your favourite singer(s) and why?

ZG – Music industry has witnessed several phenomenal singers till date. My favourite is Kishore Kumar, because I think, he is absolutely incomparable and no other singer can match up to his legacy. He took Bollywood music to a different level and his contributions are simply matchless.

TNT: Tell us a secret about Zubeen Garg which is unknown to the world till date.

ZG – Ahh, I am a very good cook (giggles). I love cooking and often do it in leisure time.

TNT: What is your message to the budding talents who aspire to make a name in the field of music?

Love your place, love your culture, stay healthy and be hungry. That’s the message I would like to give to those who dream to carve a niche in the music industry.

By: Swapnaneel Bhattacharjee for TNT- The Northeast Today

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