An Exclusive interview with ‘Juggernaut’ from Mizoram

An Exclusive interview with ‘Juggernaut’ from Mizoram

Juggernaut is a six piece progressive rock band from the beautiful hills of Mizoram. The band aims to verbalize the love, peace and harmony to create a beautiful musical world with new trends of sound to touch everyone’s heart. The band got a good riposte after releasing its first Single ‘Sacrifice’ in the year 2016. Their lyrics express the ups and downs faced by the band individually and as a whole, they have a common experience that communicates to both thriving and struggling towards their goal. And ponders that it’s not about the money, as long as one is enjoying the show

Here is Juggernaut with TNT- The Northeast Today

TNT- Hello Juggernaut, a he artful greeting to you. When and how did JN happen?

JN: Thank you TNT!

Juggernaut was formed in April 2012 right after our Guitarist Thakima Khiangte found his childhood friends Hriatpuia Pachuau and Johnson Fanai as the Bassist and Guitarist respectively. Right from 2010 he and Suraj (Reverse Tragedy) had thought of forming a remarkable band in Mizoram, and together with the help of their partners, Juggernaut was formed, had its first gig at Vanapa Hall, featuring Frankie from Casey’s Secrets who is one of the most prominent Bands in Mizoram. Later Zorema Sailo was taken as our first Vocalist. But soon after Thakima had his daughter Sabrina whose health condition was at its worst, so drummer left the band and formed Reverse Tragedy keeping Zorema Sailo as a Vocalist and JN project seems to stop, besides, bassist Hriata had to join his Government calls and had to stay a miles away, he shifted to Lawngtlai and Johnson had to went further for his educational purposes. But due to Thakima’s strong determinations and his commitment, the Band still rocked its precious crowds in Aizawl through ages, sometimes featuring Zahminga Fanai from Atari Minor. In 2013 Lianzuala Hrahsel was asked to join the band and since then, he strongly sticks to the rhythm of our Band Juggernaut.
Even before releasing an EP, due to personal concerns JN had its members in and out for many years, now the band had its precious musicians who were working sincerely for its EP.

TNT- How does JN compose its song? Tell us about the different influences that come into your mind while writing your songs.

JN: Regarding composing a song, it’s a very hard question to answer, but mostly some of our mates had the rhythm, the blues and lyrics and while jamming our Vocalist came out with the tune the rhythm and chord progressions made.

While writing lyrics many superb rock lyricist like Ronnie James Dio, Rob Rock, John Petrucci  has a great influences on us and we also want to apply those tricky styles they had regarding writing in English or in our mother tongue Mizo Tawng, while 4 songs had been written, only one song had been published in you tube named Sacrifice.

TNT- Tell us something about your single ‘Sacrifice’

JN : In 2016 we had a severe situation and struggles many things, our former Vocalist John was called for his Job opportunity at Chennai, but if he leaves, there would be no chance for the band to rock, so each member thought to Sacrifice their life’s for the band and worked on the song, since we are in Christian dominant State, we thought of writing the lyrics in a Gospel rock lyrical styles showing  how Jesus had sacrificed for us and it was impossible for Christians as well as Humanity to find peace and redemption if She/he doesn’t find peace through Jesus, similarly each member of the band find no redemption in music if we pay no sacrifice for the band, so we came to compose the lyrics this way.

TNT- So how profoundly do you guys follow your jam session?

JN: Before entering a jam room or a studio we arranged all the riffs, the chord progressions and rhythms including all the time signatures. Preparing a music sheets and notations, we used to share ourselves and work out that way, since Metal songs doesn’t simply work on Improvisation, before jamming we arranged all the music and only after that we enter a jam room.

TNT- Do you guys have any specific ideologies as a band? if yes, how do you manage to make it a part of the music?

JN: Yes, of course we do, we want to be something different from other bands, say, we simply want to be another brick in the wall, but whose color is different.

In our state and also in many other states even throughout India, say, since we lived in an under developing countries, to earn a livelihood through Music band is quite a very difficult thing. Besides many people of each state had their own styles of folks and traditional music, so to westernize our music system is quite a very difficult task, even in Mizoram many of us still want to listen the Traditional Music flow say Leikapui which could be explained as Corrupted Country and Western styles sang in Mizo Tawng.  At the same time, we also had many rock and metal bands whose songs were marvelous, but the way they wrote their lyrics are too alienated say copying those of Scadinavian or American Post Metal styles so in order to attain a good prosperity, we the modern Musicians need to fuse our interested music as well as our traditional music ,but to do that musicians need to learn from basic of their traditional music and music of their interest of any genre, if not the native people around us could never be fully inspired by western styles, but if we could fuse together the styles, we could achieve more attention from the people as well as from media and also this is a very good opportunity to enrich our Indian music as well as each different styles of different tribes in India. So we also thought of fusing our traditional or folks styles in our mother tongue as well as in English with modern rock/ metal music.

TNT- How do you work to meet up your differences in regard to composing or songwriting?

JN: In modern days many local and national rock bands we knew these days simply composed songs which came to their minds and share verbally, and taught each other instrumentally, it was very inappropriate, we Juggernaut had as a practice to write our music notes in a notation and share each other through music sheets, though it needs more time, but it seems to be the right way of composing music, and sharing in a rock band, so one day when one needs to learn our songs, they could always learn exactly the same way we did. And lyrical writings had always been done by Thakima, so the way he always wanted is to have a courage lyrics, use of metaphorical words and use of artistic license.

TNT- As, JN what is exactly your benchmark for success?

JN: Success is also a word which is somehow very familiar with the word education regarding their  explanation and uses, one always have to study in order to be an educated person, regarding music and its success story, we thought every musicians always have to play music to be a successful musician through ages. Also, we thought when our songs inspired the audience no matter how numerous or few they were, we thought we had our success when our songs could shows it’s color to those who listen.

TNT- A brief Insight into your future plans? What are the future perspectives of your band?

JN: Before entering the point, we give a warm and he artful thanks to you TNT (The Northeast Today) for your nice interview to our band, which is nothing but more likely a scratch group to many, yes, we thought of releasing our EP (Extended Play) this year, and we work very hard on this since the beginning of this year, and if we could firmly go without obstacles we thought we could finish by the mid of this year. It will contain 5 songs written in Mizo and English. Most of our band mates had left the bands due to their personal concerns, we regrouped the Bands with new members, David on Guitar, Joe Nanaua on Keyboard and Jojo on Bass and Joseph as our new Vocalist, our Guitarist Thakima Khiangte and Zuala Hrahsel who’s on drum were the only leading member since 2013. So, with all these conditions, the EP  will be named Juggernaut- A New Beginning . And enters the real world of music industries.

Check their music :

Interviewed by Ritu Raj Boruah for TNT- The Northeast Today



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