79 pc non-vegetarians in Assam; beef and pork most consumed in Northeast India

79 pc non-vegetarians in Assam; beef and pork most consumed in Northeast India

The Northeastern part of India undeniably has a large percentage of non-vegetarian population. Meat is an important source of animal protein in the Northeastern states as evident from the expenditure estimates.

As per the data reflected by the Registrar General of India which surveyed citizens aged 15 years and above, Assam has 79.4 per cent non-vegetarian population as opposed to only 20.6 per cent vegetarian population.


The survey was conducted for some large states of India of which Assam was a composition.

Again, as per another research entitled “Meat consumption in North-East India: Pattern, opportunities and implications” that was conducted in 2015, 15 per cent of expenditure in rural areas and 18 per cent in urban areas is devoted to meat out of the total food expenditure. The study was based on NSSO data on household consumption expenditure.

Manipur is an exception where the rural households’ proportionate expenditure is more than urban households. Chevon/mutton and chicken have lesser supply than demand in most NE states. Beef and pork are relatively cheaper in rural areas and therefore consumed more whereas urbanization may be the factor that influence liking for chevon/mutton consumption in urban areas.

A number of factors can influence household consumption patterns. These can be economic (e.g., income and price changes), social (e.g., urbanisation leading to dietary changes), cultural (e.g., influences by exotic lifestyles), and market development that makes new foods available. Among these factors, however, income is seen to be the most influential. The increase in consumer income in fast-growing in developing countries that tends to induce greater changes in the composition of food consumption.

It has also been observed that beef and pork have greater consumption percentage in the Northeastern region.

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