7 facts about Manipur you need to know!

7 facts about Manipur you need to know!

67 years ago, on September 21, 1949, Manipur became a part of India. After Independence, only Manipur and Tripura were princely states and later, they became a part of India after the British rule.

Maharaja Budhachandra signed a Treaty of Accession which granted the merger of Manipur with India. Being one of the important areas in South-East Asia, there are many disputes which are going on related to Manipur and the bordering countries.

#1.  Ancient Manipur dates back to 50 BC. At the time, Manipur included the areas of Nagaland, Assam as well as Mizoram.

#2.  Nongthou Kangba was the first ruler of Manipur who started his reign in 33 AD

#3.  Manipur played a major role in WW II. Japanese army invaded British India via Manipur, where British forces beat Japan before they could enter Imphal.

#4.  Manipur became part of India in 1949 and in 1956 it became a Union Territory, whereas 16 years later, Manipur became a state of India.

#5.  Manipur is known by various names like Kangleipak, Sanaleibak and Meeteileipak.

#6.  The sport Polo originated in Manipur. this game was later adopted by the Britishers and hence it gained popularity in the west.

#7.  Handloom weaving and sericulture are two marketing sectors that provide mass employment to the locals of Manipur.

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