5 things about living in a rented house as a student in Shillong

5 things about living in a rented house as a student in Shillong

While it may seem like living in a rented house is much easier, it isn’t. You’re on your own and now, you have a house to look after. My parents make it seem so easy but guess what, I feel them now.



Unless you know some people from Shillong, finding a rent house is difficult. And even if you do find one, its either expensive or just too small or too big. In the case of Shillong, its like the house chooses you and not you choosing the house, if you are being picked by the house, you just pay a reasonable amount of rent fee and the house is just right for you.

#2. Expensive


Shillong is an expensive place. Forget about shopping, my friends and I  seldom go out but just from paying the rent, electricity bill, garbage bill, collecting a sum of money to buy groceries to last a month and other miscellaneous expenses, our throat dries up and we’re just lost for words for the first 30 seconds. Nothing comes cheap here. If we’re lucky enough, we just have to spend a week without food and that’s like a win-win situation for us. We usually call this the ‘Tsunami’ phase.

#3. Chores. Lots and lots of chores


This definitely applies to the lazy ones in the rent. In between staying back after classes in the canteen and hanging out with friends, most of the times I just tend to waste all of those moments thinking about the clothes that’s piled up in the life-size laundry basket (Kidding, its just a really big carton), the dishes I have to wash from last night’s dinner, sweeping and moping the floor (twice) because my friends just don’t have the common sense to wipe their shoes on the door-mat and cleaning the bathroom which is a must for all living in a rent house. So basically, its like I’ve just wasted the entire time thinking about the work that’s piled up which could’ve been in progress had I not sat there in the canteen or the restaurant with a bunch of friends who has a washing machine and a helper in the first place!!

#4. Home-cooked food

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Sure, there are lots of food stalls and restaurants that serve authentic Mizo, Naga, Manipuri and all such dishes but I think its safe to say that nothing can ever beat the delicious home-cooked food. And since none of us (Me and my friends) are even qualified to be called an average cook and since none of us have thick wallets by the middle of the month (to even afford a Naga dish from a small shop), we genuinely miss home and food.Period.

#5. Pesky neighbours or house owners?


Our house owners are just cool and relaxed so I’ve got nothing on them, but yes, there have been instances where my friend’s friend’s house owners would usually start interrogating them if a guys visits them and same goes for the guys having their girl-friends over. But I can say a thing or two about the pesky neighbours. Never stay in a building where each room is occupied by students. There was a time when our neighbor would constantly ring the door bell in the middle of the night, drunk. It would not have been such a big deal if it was just once, since alcohol interferes with the brain’s communication pathways, and can affect the way the brain looks and works and such (I know, I just googled ‘alcohol’) but the neighbor kept up with the door bell ringing for a week so we did the needful and they were asked to leave. So every once in a while, you will definitely meet those pesky next doors.

(By Tutu Imchen)



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