5 Khasi Dishes you must eat before you die

5 Khasi Dishes you must eat before you die

Shillong and its adjoining areas have been famous for its Momos and Chinese food for years. But with the ever growing tourist inflow there have been a keen desire by many visitors to try something uniquely local.

Imagine going to south India and not trying idli and sambar or dosa or visiting Delhi and not getting to eat a Papadi Chat or a Butter Chicken.

Here is our guide to eat 5 things which are quintessential Khasi and Shillong for all those who visit Shillong this summer.


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This dish is a typical food among the Khasis, it is a mixture of rice with pork or sometimes cooked with chicken and fish. It includes spices like onions, garlic, turmeric, and ginger, it gives you a slight taste of Biryani but less spicy.

Ja Stem

Ja stem is another favorite food cook from rice and turmeric powder which makes it yellow in color, it is also cooked with black sesame seed to further enhance the flavor.


Don’t go with the smell but the taste! Tungrymbai is prepared from fermented soya beans and a mixture of other spices. It is one kind of chatni which is highly delicious found in almost every Khasi food stall and eaten by many Shillong people.



This dish is a mixture of pork and black sesame seeds; though simple in cooking, the flavor of the sesame seeds adds another twist to the dish that makes it mouth-watering.



If you love pork you should try Dohkhlieh which is another popular cuisine among the Khasis which includes boiled pork, onions and chilies.



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