5 facts about Sikkim’s Wonder Fruit Yacon “GROUND APPLE”

5 facts about Sikkim’s Wonder Fruit Yacon “GROUND APPLE”

Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolious) also known as Ground Apple is a plant of the Asteraceae family. The other members of this family include Sunflower, Jerusalem artichoke and Dahlia.

This highly demanded healthy root-fruit worldwide, now Yacon cultivation has started in beautiful eco friendly organic Himalayan State Sikkim.

Here are five lesser known facts about Yacon commonly known as “GROUND APPLE”

#1. Yacon is native to South America and is grown in northern and central Andes from Colombia to northern Argentina.

#2. Yacon is a plant with numerous therapeutic and physiological benefits. It has been used as a traditional medicine for regulating blood sugars and for rejuvenating skin for more than 1000 years.

#3. Yacón can easily be grown in gardens in climates with only gentle frosts. It grows well in Kathmandu, Nepal and southern Australia (including Tasmania) and New Zealand, where the climate is mild and the growing season long. The plant was introduced to Japan in the 1980s

#4. The Yacon root is rich in iron, potassium and is high in antioxidants.

#5. In colonial times, yacón consumption was identified with a Catholic religious celebration held at the time of an earlier Inca feast.

Source courtesy: voiceofsikkim.com/wikipedia

Featured image(courtesy): Nepali Times



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