5 facts about Hojagiri Festival: The unique festival of Tripura

5 facts about Hojagiri Festival: The unique festival of Tripura

AGARTALA: Hojagiri is a famous dance form of the Reang Community of Tripura. This dance was once known as Hodagiri among the Reangs and was performed only on the day of Maikhlungmo Puja i.e., Lakshmi Puja for bulk production of Paddy and other crops.

Here are five aspects of the Hojagiri dance of the Reang Community of Tripura which makes it a unique performative art from any other dance performance of Tripura.

1.The Hojagiri festival, mainly celebrated by the Reang community of Tripura is usually performed on a full moon day of October. For the whole night they enjoy songs and music with Hojagiri dance.

2.Only Women and young girls with 6-8 members in each team, perform the dance, by balancing on a pitcher and managing a bottle on the head and earthen lamp on the hand and moving the lower half of the body.

3.The dance is quite apart and unique in its stylistic aspects in comparison to any other tribal dance in Tripura. It is very much attractive due to its composition, melodious songs, sweet flutes, rhythm and slow waist movement of the dancers.

4.The male members sing the lyric and play the Kham and Sumui to the tune of which the women perform the dance.

5.Satya Ram Reang, known as expert of the dance form, had dedicated his life to promote this dance. He also had received Sangeet Natak academy award for his contribution to preserve the traditional culture.

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