10 facts about Yulin’s Dog eating festival

10 facts about Yulin’s Dog eating festival


In 2011, the festival went on for 10 days wherein more than 15,000 dogs were slaughtered and eaten. This is only an estimated figure and the numbers can be higher.


Dogs are skinned alive, torn apart, smashed with hammers and cut with chainsaws and even boiled and set on fire, alive. A lot of people at the festival also engage in public torturing of these poor souls by dragging and running over them with cars.



Not only strays but even pet dogs with their collars still on are stolen from all over the country. Close to 226,800 kilograms of dog meat is consumed every year. The city of Yulin has over 100 dog slaughter houses that butcher as many 2000 dogs a day during the festival.


Dogs are crammed into small cages and sent on a grueling journey to Yulin. This journey alone is so traumatic and uncomfortable that thousands of dogs die due to dehydration or starvation on the way itself. There is no exact figure of how many dogs have been slaughtered and eaten since the beginning of this brutal festival.


The Chinese believe eating dog meat stimulates internal heat and brings good luck and health!



There’s no animal protection law in China. Looking at the unprecedented global outrage over the festival, Chinese’s authorities told the people of Yulin to stop using the word ‘Dog Meat’ and continue with the festival.


This isn’t the only dog-meat eating festival in China. In 2011 Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival was banned for the slaughter of hundreds dogs within days.



Though the Chinese government claims that it has warned the people of Yulin, many believe that the festival might have started earlier this year to avoid interference.


The festival has also led to a surge in the number of rabies cases in the city of Yulin.


This year, as many as 15,000 dogs are expected to be stolen and eventually butchered to death in Yulin.



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